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Dr. Amr Abdel Monem M.D.
Faculty of Medicine Cairo University
Prof. of anesthesia and clinical nutrition
Member of NAASO & ASRA

Following the great results of weight and fat reductions after dealing with professor amr abdelmonem through the internet clinic for more than 10 years……it was proved that the internet clinic is like the land clinic and may be better at sometimes

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I don’t eat big meals, I just eat small irregular snacks, and I gain weight, so what should I do?

Irregular snacks put you away from the biologic utopia and make your gut brain axis in a corrupted form, so you have to eat in a regular way to synchronize your brain with gut signals

What is the relation between insulin sensitizers and weight gain?

Actually this is a paradox … with dietary abuse, your pancreas secretes a lot of insulin and this insulin prevents lipolysis so if you take insulin sensitizers during this phase you are going to gain weight

Why do I gain a lot of weight when I eat normally after quitting a very low caloric diet?

When you stick to a VLCD your leptin hormone level declines dramatically and this hormone is responsible for increasing your metabolic rate so you would suffer from low metabolic rate upon following a VLCD and when you eat normally thereafter you would gain a lot of weight thanks to the low leptin level

Can I have appetite suppressants without prescription?

No you should not have it ….. Appetite suppressants can raise your blood pressure and heart rate so you may jeopardize your general health

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