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Dr. Amr Abdel Monem M.D.
Faculty of Medicine Cairo University
Prof. of anesthesia and clinical nutrition
Member of NAASO & ASRA

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Obesity and Science
Are you obese?
Biological issues
Metabolic syndrome
Sleep and obesity
Obesity and fatty liver
Obesity and diseases of civilization
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Dr Amr Abdel-Monem is a Professor of anesthesia, surgical intensive care and clinical nutrition in Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, M.D., M.B., B. Ch. Signed up excellent with degree of honor, M.Sc. and M.D. of Anesthesia, surgical intensive care and clinical nutrition - Cairo University, Egypt.

He is a consultant of obesity management in his private clinics. He is an instructor of obesity at many scientific committees, presented in 20 conferences and he was an instructor in 5 training courses in the National Institute of Nutrition. He has been practicing clinical nutrition for 19 years and anesthesia for open heart surgeries in Faculty of Medicine Cairo University and in the International Hospital for urology as a private sector.

He published a study that proved the link between morbid obesity and open heart surgeries and the relation between nutrition and postoperative pain. As well as an important study about the nutritional management of Dyslipidemia following open heart surgeries .Furthermore, he published a very crucial study regarding the relation of omega acids and medium chain triglycerides with hypertriglyceridemia and hyperglycemia.

He is member of the North American Association for the study of obesity since 1999 which is the most specialized association for studying all issues related to obesity with more than 400 studies published each year.

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