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Dr. Amr Abdel Monem M.D.
Faculty of Medicine Cairo University
Prof. of anesthesia and clinical nutrition
Member of NAASO & ASRA

Following the great results of weight and fat reductions after dealing with professor amr abdelmonem through the internet clinic for more than 10 years……it was proved that the internet clinic is like the land clinic and may be better at sometimes

Through the internet clinic of Professor Amr Abdelmonem you can follow a nutritional course... Read more

Obesity and Science
Are you obese?
Biological issues
Metabolic syndrome
Sleep and obesity
Obesity and fatty liver
Obesity and diseases of civilization
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Obesity management
The golden rule is weight
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 :: The Golden rule is weight maintenance

In order to achieve your goal of weight maintenance, the following items should be covered

Self -Monitoring:
Self-monitoring is the systematic observation and recording of target behaviors and the primary purpose of self-monitoring is to become more aware of behaviors and the factors that influence behaviors in ways that are beneficial or detrimental to weight management efforts.

Stimulus Control:
Stimulus control involves identifying and modifying the environmental cues that are associated with overeating and inactivity. Controlling cues associated with overeating or a sedentary lifestyle can be helpful for long-term maintenance because exposure to these cues may precipitate relapse.

Cognitive Restructuring:
Cognitive restructuring increases people’s awareness of their perceptions of themselves and their weight. In addition, persons learn to actively change internal dialogue that undermines their weight management efforts.

Stress Management:
Tension reduction techniques (e.g., diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation) are designed to reduce tension, thereby providing a distraction from stressful events.

Social Support:
Persons with higher levels of social support tend to have more success achieving and maintaining weight loss.

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