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Dr. Amr Abdel Monem M.D.
Faculty of Medicine Cairo University
Prof. of anesthesia and clinical nutrition
Member of NAASO & ASRA

Following the great results of weight and fat reductions after dealing with professor amr abdelmonem through the internet clinic for more than 10 years……it was proved that the internet clinic is like the land clinic and may be better at sometimes

Through the internet clinic of Professor Amr Abdelmonem you can follow a nutritional course... Read more

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Spot reduction is mentioned to be condemned
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 :: Spot Reduction is mentioned to be condemned

There is no evidence based medicine that supports spot reduction by laser, injection or acupuncture, and these are mentioned for commercial purpose without scientific background depending on the concept of loosing fat without even behavioral changes, which is completely unhealthy and wrong.

The pathology of obesity is dependent on the fact that insulin resistance results in excessive fatty acid release from fat cells but unfortunately this fatty acid is not oxidized but reenter the fat cells again or become deposited on the liver so the golden rule in obesity management is to help the cells to oxidize fat rather than accelerating lipolysis.

Therefore , the concept of lipolysis by injection or equipments is mentioned to be condemned

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