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Dr. Amr Abdel Monem M.D.
Faculty of Medicine Cairo University
Prof. of anesthesia and clinical nutrition
Member of NAASO & ASRA

Following the great results of weight and fat reductions after dealing with professor amr abdelmonem through the internet clinic for more than 10 years……it was proved that the internet clinic is like the land clinic and may be better at sometimes

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Obesity and Science
Biological issues
Metabolic syndrome
Sleep and obesity
Obesity and fatty liver
Obesity and diseases of civilization
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The golden rule is weight
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Obesity is our main concern and all its related issues, so welcome! As you can go through, view & learn about the latest in obesity. Here, you will find a smooth & easy way for discussion, concerning the scientific basics you have to follow, on the contrary the unscientific data which you kindly have to neglect. Athletes will have here a big share of concern regarding, nutrition & fat free mass improvement. Childhood obesity, pregnant obesity & lactating women problems will be discussed based on scientific data. All the above topics and more…concerning nutrition for different groups of people, will be discussed here scientifically in a professional easy manner by Dr. Amr Abdel Monem

Dr. Amr Abdel Monem       
 :: Up To Date In Obesity

Television Viewing and Obesity

For overweight families, television viewing may provide context for excessive snack consumption, in addition to inactivity in girls from 5 to 9 years.

[Lori and his colleagues. Obesity Research January 2003]

Eating and Vision Relation

Obese subjects ate 24% less food when blindfolded without feeling less full, compared with eating with vision.

[Barkeling et al. Obesity Research January 2003]

The Fasting and Oxidizing of Fats

During exercise in overweight subjects, the fasting condition seems more suited to oxidizing fat and maintaining glucose homeostasis than a 3 –hour wait after a standard meal.

[Crampes and his colleagues. Obesity Research February 2003]

Growth Hormone and Obesity

The bulk of studies indicate little or no beneficial effects of growth hormone treatment of obesity despite the low serum growth hormone concentrations associated with obesity.

[Shadid et al. Obesity Research February 2003]

Pediatric Obesity

Pediatric obesity is associated with long term negative physical and psychological health consequences.

[Must and his colleagues. N Eng J Med; 1997:327]

Fat diet and Insulin Sensitivity

The high Fat diet led to decreased insulin sensitivity accompanied by impaired activity of adiponectin-related enzymes in skeletal muscles but not in the liver.

[Maayan Barnea et al. Obesity 2006; 14:2145–215]

High-Fat Meal and Oxidizing of Plasma

Consumption of a high-fat meal leads to an increase in plasma oxidants in men with abdominal obesity and this may lead to insulin resistance.

[Blackburn et al. Obesity 2006; 14: 1747]

Growth Acceleration and Obesity

Growth acceleration in early life may be a predictor for future obesity.

[Papadimitriou et al. Obesity 2006; 14: 2173]

Calcium Absorption

True Fractional Calcium Absorption is decreased after Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery.

[Riedt et al. Obesity 2006; 14: 1940–1948]

Oxidant stress, High BMI, and High waist circumference Relation

There is a significant association among increased oxidant stress, high BMI, and high waist circumference but not with percentage total body fat.

[Brown et al. Obesity 2009; 17 3: 460–466]

Pregnancy and Obesity

The negative impact of pregravid obesity on pregnancy complications has been well documented, including gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, cesarean deliveries, and late feta ...

[Abenhaim et al. Arch Gynecol Obstet 2007; 275
Doherty et al. Int J Gynaecol Obstet 2006; 95:242.

Lung Function and Obesity Relation

Obesity is inversely associated with lung function in adults, but central fat distribution appears to have a stronger relationship with respiratory mechanics in men than in women.

[Steele et al. Obesity 2009; 17]

Association between Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Obesity

Obesity is associated with left ventricular hypertrophy in a population of healthy teenagers actively involved in sport programs. Furthermore, the presence of LVH was independently associated with ma ...

[Movahed et al . Obesity 2009; 17]

Very Low Caloric Diets and its Effect on Obesity

Very low caloric diets (fewer than 800 kcal /d) did not produce greater long-term weight losses than low caloric diet (1000-1500kcal/day)

[Tsai, et al. Obesity August 2006]

Very Low Carbohydrate High Fat and its Effect on Obesity

Very low carbohydrate high fat diet provided no advantage in weight loss or in improving those components of the metabolic syndrome induced by dietary obesity and may delay loss of hepatic or visceral ...

[Kathleen et al. Obesity August 2006]

Western Dietary Pattern and Weight Maintenance

Adoption of a western dietary pattern ( high intake of red and processed meats , refined grains ,sweets and desserts and potatoes ) is associated with larger weight gain in women ,whereas a prudent di ...

[Schulze et al. Obesity August 2006]

Body Mass and Breast Cancer

Modest positive association between body mass index and breast cancer among postmenopausal women had been demonstrated.

[International agency for research on cancer, France 2002]

Consumption of a Dairy -Based High Calcium Diet

Consumption of a dairy –based high calcium diet increased 24-hour fat oxidation under conditions of acute energy deficit.

[Melanson et al. Obesity Research December 2005]

The Best Predictors for Weight Maintenance After Weight Loss

The best predictors for weight maintenance after weight loss were an increase in the dietary restraint during weight loss, high base line resting metabolic rate, relatively high baseline fat mass favo ...

[Vogels et al. Obesity Research December 2005]

Weight Loss and Exercise Results

Weight loss combined with exercise results in increased glucose utilization and insulin sensitivity therefore reducing the incidence of type II diabetes in women.

[Ryan et al .Obesity Research December 2005]

By waist circumference (action levels)
Minimum circumference between lower rib margin and iliac crest

Action level 1 at 94 cm in men and 80 cm in women

Action level 2 at 102 cm in men and 88 cm in women


Greater than action level 1 :
   individuals are at Increased
   health risk, should avoid weight

Greater than action level 2 :
are at high health risk ,Should
   seek Professional help

If you don’t consume milk daily, you are going to suffer from not only osteopenia but fat gain as well. Calcium in dairy products is beneficial for fat oxidation.


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